A sheeperd's shelter not far from Eyguières (Cornillon)

Near Cape Couronne

Sunrise on a typical landscape of Camargue

Cycling in Camargue


Cycling along the Canal des Alpines

The Canal des Alpines

Young Vincent the Grey

Le Pont du Gard, a Roman Aqueduc

The Pont du Gard

La Maison Carrée in NÎmes

The Alpes of Provence, two hours to the north-east

Les Ecrins, three hours northward (by car) plus six upward...

La Vieille Charité, Ancient Hospice in Marseilles

Casa Batllo in Barcelona (4 hours)

Regattas in Marseilles from “Notre Dame de la Garde”

Working on the deck of Oceanos

Oceanos mooring in Marseilles

Sunset behind Riou Island facing the Calanques

Sailing toward the Calanques

The place where our house was built

Installing the watering System last Summer

Swimming by night